Every Mercedes-Benz needs a transmission control module (TCM) to adjust the gears and enhance the performance of the car. However, when the TCM starts to fail, it produces different issues. Here are some important tips that will assist you in detecting TCM failure on your Mercedes.

Signs of TCM Failure

Check Engine Light

The first sign that you should look out for when you suspect that there is something wrong with your TCM is the Check Engine Light. Although this warning light can indicate a range of problems, a TCM failure is one of them. If you notice that your Mercedes Check light is on, you should bring your car in for diagnosis by an automotive technician. They can use diagnostic tools to identify the specific issue or confirm whether the TCM is truly faulty.

Transmission Slipping

Another way you can know that the TCM in your Mercedes is not in good shape is if the transmission starts slipping. This slippage usually occurs when you are in your Mercedes and the gears shift on their own or when the car fails to remain in the particular gear you expected it to stay in. A slipping transmission system can make your Mercedes become unpredictable and this can lead to a dangerous situation if your TCM suddenly fails when you are driving at high speeds.

Unresponsive Transmission

As a Mercedes driver, you should be concerned about the way your transmission responds. If your Mercedes takes too long to respond or jerks when shifting gears or the shifting process is not smooth, then the TCM may be problematic. An unresponsive transmission is also not safe whether you want to change from low speed to high speed or vice versa.

Stuck in Gear

Another obvious symptom is when your car simply locks into a particular gear and is not willing to shift up or down; this is a clear indication of TCM failure. This issue can make driving difficult and even dangerous as you cannot effectively manage the speed of the car.

Odd Noises

Clattering or grinding noises that are emanating from your transmission should be a sign that your transmission is not well. Most of these sounds signify that the transmission system is not connecting as it should, and this may be due to a problematic TCM. You should pay attention to the sounds that are produced when you shift gears as they can give you some valuable insights regarding the condition of your transmission system.

Diagnosing TCM Failure

Use a Diagnostic Scanner

An OBD scanner is a tool that can scan your car and check the error codes that exist in the computer system of the vehicle. They can be used to diagnose whether the TCM is functioning abnormally or not. You can buy one or go to a mechanic who has one and ask to use it. The codes will give a clear impression of which side of the TCM is failing or even if the entire transmission system is the cause of the issue.

Visit a Professional Mechanic

While there are some car problems that can be fixed at home, those with TCM problems may need a professional. A certified mechanic from a reliable company that works on Mercedes can easily conduct a diagnostic check and identify the problem. They have the skills and equipment that may be required in order to fix or install the TCM.

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