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MINI cars are easily recognizable for their small size and distinct style, but what really sets MINIs apart from other cars on the road is the Driving Excitement package that comes standard with every MINI. This package includes features like sport seats, a sport steering wheel, and an aerodynamic body kit that help to give MINIs their trademark nimble handling and zippy acceleration.

In addition, all MINIs come equipped with a wide range of cutting-edge safety and convenience features, making them some of the most stylish and practical cars on the road. So if you’re looking for a car that’s fun to drive, easy to park, and packed with all the latest bells and whistles, a MINI is the perfect choice, so long as it is maintained in top condition for your driving enjoyment.

MINI produces a wide range of small cars that are big on style and performance. One of the features that helps to set MINI apart from other small car manufacturers is the use of turbochargers. A MINI turbocharger is a device that helps to force more air into the engine, allowing it to burn more fuel and produce more power.

Turbochargers are typically used in high-performance applications, but MINI has found a way to integrate them into their smaller engines to deliver surprising levels of power. While MINI turbochargers can provide a significant boost in performance, they can also be tricky to install. That’s why MINI recommends that drivers leave the installation of turbochargers to trained mechanics, such as our experts at Bimmer Performance. With their expertise, our mechanics can ensure that the turbocharger is installed correctly and that all the necessary connections are made. This attention to detail can help to ensure that your MINI continues to run at peak performance for years to come!

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European Auto AC Repair

A/C Repair

European Auto Brake Repair

Brake Repair

European Auto Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Check Engine Light

European Auto Clutch Repair

Clutch Repair

European Auto Engine Repair

Electrical System

European Auto Engine Repair

Engine Repair

European Auto Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service

European Auto Performance Tuning/Upgrades

Performance Tuning/Upgrades

European Auto Performance Tuning/Upgrades

Scheduled Maintenance

European Auto Suspension Repair

Suspension Repair

European Auto Suspension Repair


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